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Store, access, and integrate with ARGUS Enterprise data to power the specific needs of your CRE organization. 

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Stop looking for the latest version of a file with centralized and user-managed access to your ARGUS data anytime, anywhere.

Powerful tools and capabilities for supercharging ARGUS Enterprise.

Collaborate across internal and external teams.

The ARGUS Cloud Difference.

Streamlined and simplified workflows.

Reliably connect 3rd party real estate software, homegrown solutions, and the next generation of ARGUS Applications to your ARGUS Enterprise database.

Leverage current and historical data to assess key trends in performance across your models with new benchmarking tools that help you get more from your data.

Portfolio and asset benchmarking.

Realize infrastructure savings.

Fast cloud-based access to your securely stored and automatically backed-up ARGUS Enterprise database means a lower burden on IT.

ARGUS Cloud brings new web-enabled technology to your current ARGUS Enterprise system, simplifying your technology infrastructure while adding significant benefits to your business.

Syncing your data between your CRE team shouldn't be hard.

With ARGUS Cloud it's simple, flexible and accurate. Always.

Discover real-time analytics directly into your browser.

Learn about ARGUS Enterprise's latest benchmarking and reporting capabilities.

With ARGUS Cloud it's simple, flexible and accurate. Always.

ARGUS Cloud is designed to enhance and enable the use of these ARGUS Solutions:

Find deeper insights, collaborate across your teams and streamline workflows so you can spend more time creating returns

Connect your current ARGUS solutions in one platform.

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ARGUS Cloud – The capabilities of ARGUS Enterprise, transformed.


ARGUS Cloud – The capabilities of ARGUS Enterprise, transformed.

ARGUS products enable teams to meet challenges at every stage of the commercial real estate lifecycle. Find the best solutions to overcome your challenges within our product ecosystem.

The most comprehensive asset and portfolio management solution in the world. Trusted by leading investment firms to value property, secure capital, manage assets, and generate wealth.

Avoid time-consuming, error-prone spreadsheets while gaining transparency into development projects so all stakeholders remain confident your projects will deliver expected returns.

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Get unparalleled insight into your deal pipeline and drive efficiency in every stage of your acquisitions process with ARGUS Acquire.

Altus Group Limited is a leading provider of independent advisory services, software and data solutions to the global commercial real estate industry. Featuring our industry-leading ARGUS® software solutions, for the past 25 years ARGUS products have been the industry standard for creating cash flows and valuations helping thousands of commercial real estate professionals gain transparency into their property assets, manage risk and optimize their portfolios. Real estate investors, asset and portfolio managers, lenders, brokers, appraisers and other commercial real estate professionals rely on ARGUS to facilitate transactions and communicate value.

Let ARGUS Enterprise's cloud-enabled intelligent analytics tools help discover meaningful insights hidden within your organization’s ARGUS Enterprise models.

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Access reliable data any time.

Easily access key metrics from ARGUS Enterprise models anywhere, anytime.

Benchmark your portfolio’s potential.

Don’t miss out on what’s around the corner. Harness data in ARGUS Cloud to test how your assumptions stack up to real-world results.

Quickly monitor the health of your portfolio.

Stop wasting time manipulating spreadsheet solutions to find the answers you need. Portfolio level dashboards let you monitor the health of your portfolio so you can focus on the decisions that matter.

With ARGUS Cloud it's simple, flexible and accurate. Always.

The newest advancement of ARGUS has arrived. Cloud-based infrastructure, intelligent analytics, powerful integrations and all-new ARGUS applications.

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ARGUS Enterprise Functionality Unlocked Through ARGUS Cloud.

Learn More About Cloud-Enabling Your ARGUS Enterprise Solution.

Stop wasting time trying to uncover answers.


Watch this short video demonstration of AE's new benchmarking and reporting feature. (2:52)


In the above webinar recording, we discuss and demonstrate some of the benefits organizations will see when they cloud-deploy ARGUS Enterprise.

Video: Supercharging AE with ARGUS Cloud

Watch this quick 60-second video for a high-level summary on what ARGUS Cloud does for ARGUS Enterprise.


How To Take Your ARGUS Enterprise Solution To The Cloud.

Cloud-deploying ARGUS Enterprise is as easy as 1-2-3.

ARGUS Cloud Resources

Get better acquainted with the future of ARGUS Enterprise.




PDF: Cloud-Powered AE Feature -  Benchmarking and Reporting

Download this PDF to take a deeper dive into the ARGUS Enterprise's cloud-powered Benchmarking and Reporting capabilities.

Read an article and view video interviews with Bob Courteau and Dhinaker Dhandi as they discuss  ARGUS Cloud and our suite of cloud-based products.

Videos & Article: ARGUS Cloud Introduced at ARGUS Connect

Dhinaker Dhandi and James Hutton from the ARGUS Product Management team discuss their approach to building a cloud environment that makes adoption easy for real estate teams.

Podcast: How to Integrate Real Estate Teams Onto The Cloud

What's New in ARGUS Enterprise 12.0

Live Webinar:

Thursday, August 15, 2019 
2:30 PM - 3:00 PM CT

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Learn how the latest version of AE opens doors for greater collaboration across teams, decision-making, and portfolio transparency.

Setup your ARGUS Cloud account.

Set up your account and link your current ARGUS Enterprise instance to your new ARGUS Cloud account. This prepares your cloud-based environment for ARGUS Enterprise portfolios and users.

Move your data and users to ARGUS Cloud.

After linking your ARGUS Cloud account, just a few clicks will move your property data and your user setup into your new ARGUS Cloud environment. No migration or implementation is required.

Access ARGUS Enterprise with ARGUS Cloud

With your data and users on ARGUS Cloud, open ARGUS Enterprise powered by ARGUS Cloud through your desktop ARGUS Enterprise application or through the ARGUS Cloud portal. You're done!

Adding ARGUS Cloud doesn't require migration, supports existing implementations, and preserves investment and value.


Watch our short video on how to cloud-deploy ARGUS Enterprise.

ARGUS Cloud is a simple path to getting more out of your ARGUS Enterprise solution 

ARGUS Cloud brings new web-enabled technology to your current ARGUS Enterprise system, simplifying your technology infrastructure while adding significant benefits to your business.

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Find deeper insights, collaborate across your teams and streamline workflows so you can spend more time creating returns

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