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The three critical signs spreadsheets could 
be damaging your portfolio performance

Spreadsheets are handy and can be easy to use, but when your property data lives across multiple worksheets, it can be dangerous to your commercial real estate portfolio. Spending countless hours piecing together spreadsheets and validating information is an inefficient process and limits the amount of time spent analysing your data to make informed decisions.

When you rely on data that isn’t bound to a single, centralised source of truth, you’re inviting risk to your business.

Not sure if it's time to stop using spreadsheets? Download the free eBook and discover:

  1. The three critical signs you need to pay close attention to when using spreadsheets to manage your commercial properties 
  2. How to give your investors greater transparency and more granular detail of asset and portfolio performance 
  3. Why you need to give yourself the best tools to stay ahead in a competitive market 

Having combined our three best solutions – Valuation DCF, Valuation Capitalisation and DYNA Asset Management, into one complete solution, ARGUS Enterprise enables you to effectively value and manage the performance of your commercial properties throughout the entire asset life cycle.

With one centralised solution, you’ll have in-depth insights into your property portfolio, out of the box reporting to suit all your investors need and more significant decision-making capabilities to manage asset performance and risk. 

Altus Group is a leading provider of software, data and independent advisory services to the global commercial real estate and development industries. For over 30 years, commercial real estate professionals have trusted and used our ARGUS software solutions to better manage risk, maximise profit and drive investment performance.
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Meet all your internal and investor 
reporting needs

Download the sample report pack to view more than 50 industry-standard reports including property cash flow actuals and forecast, valuation and return summary, tenant rent roll, loan amortisation and many more.

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Tenant rent roll


Loan amortisation


Cash flow actuals, budget and forecast


Valuation and return summary


Global valuations and cash flow modelling

Apply global valuation methods and run detailed cash flow modelling on your commercial properties

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Learn more

Effectively manage risk and understand the impact of changes on your property and portfolio KPIs

Sensitivity analysis and scenario modelling

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Assess acquisition deals quickly and accurately to maximise investor return

Property acquisition

Build an efficient workflow and consolidate budget vs. actual vs. forecast in one solution

Dynamic property budgeting

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ARGUS Enterprise


Watch the quick product demonstrations to see why ARGUS Enterprise is the industry-leading real estate software to effectively manage commercial properties.

ARGUS Enterprise

Software demonstration

A software demonstration of ARGUS Enterprise and how property teams can collaborate together when real estate data is stored in one solution


Stress testing your commercial properties

Use case video

See how simple it is to create scenarios and test the effect of market stress, so you can better manage the risks and uncertainty on your property portfolio. 

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