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Commercial real estate was once considered an ‘alternative investment’, but in recent years, a flood of capital has poured into the sector as investors seek solid returns and stability. Last year, global investment in real estate reached an all-time high of US$800 billion, and the hunt for assets has created a hyper-competitive environment and accelerated complex market transactions. 

Even in a post-pandemic world, the long term trajectory for real estate is looking positive, so how can you make the most out of today’s market conditions and gain investor confidence? 

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Times of crisis can also be times of opportunity – particularly for
investors with an eye on the horizon

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What you will discover in this ebook

How do I navigate a diverse portfolio in a global market when reporting and regulatory requirements are just as diverse?

How do I manage shifting investment strategies and investment committees?

How do I unearth deeper intelligence and actionable insights when I can’t trust my own data?

How to give your investors greater transparency and more granular detail of asset and portfolio performance 

Meet all your investor and regulatory requirements with a scalable enterprise solution

ARGUS Taliance is a robust fund and investment management solution, designed to manage the performance of a real estate fund and real estate investment trust (REIT) to improve the returns for investors.

As a powerful cloud-based solution, you can model complex investment structures, run scenario modelling to assess the impact of market or ownership changes, calculate distribution waterfalls and create detailed reporting to stakeholders and investors.

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We look at three common pain points faced by real estate fund and investment managers and explore how you can overcome these challenges: 

Boost investor confidence and gain better insights into your real estate investments

Turning the corner:

About us

Altus Group is a leading provider of software, data solutions and technology-enabled expert services to the global commercial real estate and property development industry. 

We are a single provider of end-to-end commercial real estate solutions empowering clients to analyse, gain insight and recognise value on their investments.

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