A practical guide to evaluating the viability of your development project

Successful property development is about balancing risk and returns. Just as an effective business requires a sound business plan, a development project requires an accurate development feasibility study.

In this practical guide, we discuss the traditional feasibility model and breakdown more complex principles used to conduct a feasibility study.

Learn how to determine land value and the advantages and disadvantages of various methods, along with the inputs and considerations required to create a robust development feasibility analysis.

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Property Development Feasibility Guide

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Set your property development feasibility up for success

A high level feasibility analysis is simple to conduct in spreadsheets and templates, but as you start to make decisions on your project, you’ll need to include more data and assumptions to ensure the accuracy of your feasibility.

Powerful software like ARGUS EstateMaster Development Feasibility is purpose-built, flexible and easy to use. With a familiar spreadsheet interface, you can enter all your costs and revenue inputs. This will then generate a summary of project returns showing key performance indicators such as development margin, the internal rate of return (IRR) and residual land values. 

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