Join ARGUS Training Manager, Jessica Leal, for a live webinar as she pulls apart a property model in excel to identify and mitigate the aspects that suck the joy out of your day.

During this webinar you'll learn how striking a balance between what you do in spreadsheets and what you do in real estate-specific solutions will:

  • Significantly cut the time spent on model development and calculations 

  • Reduce "fat finger" errors, especially on complex multi-tenant properties 

  • Pass the "hit-by-the-bus" test and achieve faster turnarounds on property deals 

 Live Webinar: 
 Top 3 Ways Spreadsheets Kill
 Your Modeling Mojo

|  Presenter

Jessica Leal is a senior training manager for Altus Group. Jessica has helped thousands of commercial real estate professionals around the world to boost their ability to manage and model their firm's properties.

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Thursday, February 21, 2019
10:30 am CT (30 mins)

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