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"I highly recommend switching from DCF to AE. It's been life-changing for me and for a lot of people I work with. Once you dive into the program, you can see what it does; it's such a time saver."

Stephanie Cochran, SVP of Valuations, American Realty Advisors

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Manual processes put pitfalls between you and your ability to deliver your best work.  Align your team, build accountability, and never miss a step with ARGUS Enterprise's Approval Workflow functionality.

Learn how to leverage your ARGUS Enterprise models to create custom approval workflows that reflect your team's key tasks, checkpoints and hand-offs.

Join our webinar to see how to never miss a step on your next valuation project or budget forecast by: 

    • Accelerating teamwork with shared, real-time approval flow tracking
    • Automatically maintaining a detailed audit trail for every project that runs through your workflow
    • Knowing at-a-glance that your team covered all their bases before submitting your next deliverable


Functionality Deep Dive:
Approval Workflow

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Sr. Director, Global Solutions Team

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Functionality Deep Dive: Approval Workflow

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Thursday, July 16th @ 11:00am EDT

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