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"I highly recommend switching from DCF to AE. It's been life-changing for me and for a lot of people I work with. Once you dive into the program, you can see what it does; it's such a time saver."

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The financial and economic impacts of COVID-19 are already impacting properties globally: historic jobless claims, volatility in credit markets, unprecedented government spending, rent defaults and stalled development projects.  

Investors and managers need to respond quickly to tenant issues, uncertain values, and rapid changes to the macro financial environment.  Keeping up to date with these changes fast enough to inform decision-making in real time is an incredible challenge for the entire industry.

During this webinar, we will use ARGUS Enterprise to rapidly model, analyze, and report on individual properties and entire portfolios against a set of key scenarios related to the impact of the pandemic.

Here are some of the scenarios and challenges regarding cash flow and value we will address:

    • Rent deferral requests and concessions
    • Amortization of deferrals and modifications to lease term
    • Leasing activity adjustments
    • Loan covenants and debt modifications


Rick’s deep expertise in all segments of Commercial Real Estate includes extensive experience in investment sales, advisory services and solutions consulting both at a regional and international level.

Rick is tasked with owning the customer experience and driving customer success, references and adoption of ARGUS solutions in the global marketplace.

Portfolio Modeling and Analysis
For Unprecedented Times

Watch this webinar to learn how to quickly and accurately run projections that provide visibility and insights for your firm during these unprecedented times. 

Altus Group is a leading provider of software, data and independent advisory services to the global commercial real estate and development industries. For over 30 years, commercial real estate professionals have trusted and used our ARGUS software solutions to better manage risk, maximise profit and drive investment performance.
For more information please contact us at argus@altusgroup.com
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Erica is a nine-year veteran of the ARGUS team. She delivers powerful solutions to thousands of Commercial Real Estate firms through her extensive experience with the ARGUS product suite.

Rick Schwartz | SVP, Global Client Success

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Portfolio Modeling and Analysis For Unprecedented Times


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